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Pink Spring Assist Pocket Knife Blade EDC Womens Girls Ladies Beer Bottle Opener

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Pink Bottle Opener Spring Assisted Pocket Knife
Stainless Steel Pink Blade & Pocket clip - A Beer Drinker's Dream Pocket Knife!

Every lady needs a good blade too... how else do you get all of those tags off the clothes, shoes, and purses when you get home from the mall??  This knife is very lightweight and features a nice grippy handle and really fast spring-assisted opening.  Opening the knife is the same as regular folder, but once the opening process is manually started, then the internal spring assist mechanism kicks in, and helps to fully open it.  The spring assist makes it quick, smooth and easy to open!  It features a unique bottle opener built right into the handle!  It's sure to be a useful tool or an excellent addition to anyone's collection!

MTech USA 3 Inch Closed Spring Assisted Folding Knife. Black Nylon Fiber Handle. Bottle Opener on Handle. Includes Pocket Clip.

  •     Spring assisted knife
  •     3" closed
  •     Stainless steel pink blade
  •     Black nylon fiber handle
  •     Bottle opener built into the handle
  •     Includes pocket clip
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